Guess Collection GC35003L

This one’s a nice addition to the collection. It’s a quartz from Guess’ pricey watch bracket that I successfully bid for in an auction. Water Resistant up to 100m with a working screw-down crown. To my knowledge, the bezel and bracelet material are ceramic whilst the case is stainless stee.It was listed as non-working Looking […]


Seiko 6618-6000 Watch for the Visually Impaired

I got this watch from an online auction site and for a very good price. It intrigued me right from the start as I haven’t heard of a watch designed and built for the visually impaired and one by a well-known brand – Seiko. Now, that’s something I’d like have a closer look at, I […]

Seiko Seiko

Seiko SNK809

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Seiko Watches

Seiko 7002

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Poljot 2609

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