Misadventures. Accidents. Mishaps. Misfortunes. Call it what you will but that’s exactly what I’m trying to minimise, if not totally avoid, whenever I am in a watch tinkering endeavour. This site is my electronic diary through the meandering way of horology with the intention of leaving something for the curious, the lost, or the bewildered.

My name is Jesse and I’m based in Sydney, Australia where beer does flow and men chunder. In all honesty, I’m no means a watchmaker by trade but more accustomed to the daily grind of the regular 9 to 5, office work, mainly in the IT department. I wish I can spend more time with watches though.

I am self-taught so my methods in the videos or articles may be unorthodox to some experts so please excuse the caveman approach. By all means you are welcome to leave comments, suggestions, and recommendations but be gentle and sparing on the mud-slinging.

I first cut my teeth on Nick Hacko’s 7S26 tutorial, dismantling and reassembling the watch, and from then on progressed to more challenges. Needless to say, I have been bitten by the watchmaking bug and there is no turning back. Thanks Nick for pointing the way.

My adventures in the world of horlogerie have taken me through several watch movements, from Seiko 7S26 (heaps of them) to Poljots to Raketas and so on. Last week I have started on a 1967 Bulova 11ALACD and followed it up with a Caravelle 7DP. It is treading on uncharted territory for me to say the least, as I have no schematics to follow and any wrong turn could lead me to a dead end, or worse, a useless pile of loose parts and non-working movements.

At this point in time, however, it is still a hobby for me although I am seriously thinking of levelling up and take on a certification or apprenticeship in the industry. We’ll see, so, watch this space.